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The third prototype was a fairly straightforward response to the blank “gap” between the pipe bundle and the large heavily-used door. I used two branch pipes as points of connection, and stretched the form toward the door (it “clings” to both sides of the gap). Its tapered form abstracts the motion of someone rounding the […]

My 2nd cardboard prototype. A semi-direct response to the large vertical pipes running through the space. Its stepped heights also mimic the spiral motion of climbing the stairs. It contains a notion about nesting within a space left over by human activity (behind/within the pipe tangle). It was judged attractive, but not as fully/deeply responsive […]

The first of my built cardboard prototypes. The concept was that a wisp of the traffic going up the stairs swirled off (an eddy) and got caught among the overhead pipes. It also contained a notion about putting unwanted memories in at the bottom, and having them eventually rain out the top (perhaps years later). […]