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Via An article on conceptual storage designs. DESIGNinTELL |  STOW AWAY: Storage Units of the Future Advertisements

Translated into pipe form, this may be a valid minimalist solution for Lawrence Hall: Lunuganga: Branch Shelf from WOK Media The beauty of this simple shelf rests in its visual trickery of emerging from the wall. WOK Media’s Branch Shelf was inspired by trees submerged in water that the London-based designers encountered when they spent […]

Another example at the “fragmented” (but extremely dignified) end of the spectrum: Frédéric Ruyant Wooden Tribu Table: Low tables in natural-stained solid American walnut. via Frédéric Ruyant Wooden Tribu Table.

This begins to answer my question about how to interpret plastic forms in wood… BAAS.

Also on the “smooth” end of the spectrum–and capturing some of the drooping/slumped imagery I am going for, albeit in glass–is Pieke Bergmans’s work. How to interpret forms like this in wood may be a difficult question. via Dezeen » Blog Archive » Vitra Virus by Pieke Bergmans. and and DesignBoom Note: this work […]

One Example of “smooth” forms: Matthias Pliessnig.

I’ve been thinking about appropriate responses to the fractured, fragmented texture and forms of Lawrence Hall: whether this should be responded in like kind (with fragmented forms) or through contrasting “smooth” forms. This is one example of what fragmentation might mean: Naoki HIRAKOSO – hirakosoDESIGN. Kai Table: Copyright (C) 2004-2009 Naoki Hirakoso