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During our “Working Designers” precedent studies on Wednesday, I was struck by a couple of divisions within the design world that came up in presentation after presentation. design for mass-production versus limited-edition objects: Some designers (like my precedent, Jasper Morrison) feel their efforts are best spent making things that get into the hands of the […]

As a casework precedent study, I chose this piece by the celebrated Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta–in fact a piece from Horta’s own house. I chose it because it neither hangs on a wall nor fills up a gap in a wall, but fully inhabits and participates in its space; the wall nook would not […]

Our field trip this week was my second visit to the Gordon House, Frank Lloyd Wright’s only work in Oregon. Our focus was to experience the interior space, and the effective use of built-in storage in particular. I found it a really humane, well-proportioned space. 3 aspects stood out for me (and lot of classmates): […]