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Process Book


My “process book” for the quarter (PDF): ProcessBook_v1 Advertisements

Shop Drawings


Formal shop drawings (finally) completed. Still missing a few joinery details, but pretty complete. My most up-to-date docs can always be found on this page.

My working cutlist (vers 1): CutList_v1 And working build schedule (PDF – will be available as a Google calendar): Build Calendar vers 1

Views of my finalized design, keyed to my cut list (see additional post): Proper shop drawings forthcoming…

For my joinery precedent I chose the Tusk Tenon (also known as the Wedge Tenon or Keyed Tenon)–one of many, many variants in the mortise & tenon family. The unique advantage of this joint is that it is strong and rigid, but non-permanent. This means it can be disassembled and reassembled repeatedly: portable flat-pack furniture, […]