Prototype #1: “the Grub”


The first of my built cardboard prototypes. The concept was that a wisp of the traffic going up the stairs swirled off (an eddy) and got caught among the overhead pipes. It also contained a notion about putting unwanted memories in at the bottom, and having them eventually rain out the top (perhaps years later). The piece is designed to balance on the pipe and swing freely. It also has some sound-amplifying quality.

By balancing it at different points on the pipe, very different effects were achieved. Also, while re-installing the piece for these photos, I tried it in several new positions (potentially helpful):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Review comments:

  • evokes a “grub thing” hanging in space
  • its balancing nature is appealing
  • shape as an offshoot of stair traffic is not convincing – doesn’t bring the right motion
  • does not appear “melted” over the pipe, like some of my precedent images

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