Process Book


My “process book” for the quarter (PDF):



My posters from final review:


Shop Drawings


Formal shop drawings (finally) completed. Still missing a few joinery details, but pretty complete.

My most up-to-date docs can always be found on this page.


An article on conceptual storage designs.

DESIGNinTELL |  STOW AWAY: Storage Units of the Future

My working cutlist (vers 1):


And working build schedule (PDF – will be available as a Google calendar):

Build Calendar vers 1

Views of my finalized design, keyed to my cut list (see additional post):

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Proper shop drawings forthcoming…

I found some info on the stainless steel sculpture that rings the main stair in Lawrence Hall. It is “Cascade Circus” by Portland sculptor Bruce West, and dates from 1990. Notable aspects are the soft curves and varied colors/surfaces of the steel pieces.

Some images from the UO Libraries image collection:

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Notice the substantial “gap” there used to be between the stair handrail and the guardrail (now filled with a low segment of railing)–this bit of history is part of the “anomaly” I want to reflect in my piece.